Forest Protection Department Forest Protection Department

Research on forest protection started at the beginning of the 70’s. Until recently, this research has been focused on the forest species diseases and pests –as well as mycorrhizae and fungi. Besides, research on the forest fires area started in the second half of the above-mentioned decade. In Spain, the CIF was a pioneer in […]

Departamento de ecosistemas forestales Department of Forest Ecosystems

Continuous contribution with information to increase the understanding of the different natural ecosystems components. Evaluation of the ecosystem response to changes in natural environmental conditions or to changes due to anthropogenic disturbances. Proposal of alternatives for silvicultural improvement, preservation [...]

Departamento de silvicultura e mellora Department of Silviculture and Improvement

Current research is aimed at: Increasingknowledge about the geographic variability of some species population to plan the preservation and use of their genetic resources. Makingthe improvement and reproductive material selection of forest species that are of interest for a planted forest. Characterizing chestnut varieties oriented to the chestnut fruit production, their pollinators and rootstock. Background 1955: Provenance tests on [...]