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Continuous contribution.
Evaluation of the ecosystem response.
Proposal of alternatives for a silvicultural improvement.


Continuous contribution with information to increase the understanding of the different natural ecosystems components.


Evaluation of the ecosystem response to changes in natural environmental conditions or to changes due to anthropogenic disturbances.


Proposal of alternatives for silvicultural improvement, preservation and recovery. Our aim is to achieve a sustainable development of the ecosystem that has an impact on the output of goods and services for public use.


Flora, Vegetation and Soils

Acquisition of further knowledge through the characterisation of species, plant communities and soils as a basis for the natural ecosystems management and the biodiversity preservation. Preparation of a new Galician Flora.

Characterisation of the Forest Mass Structure and Function

Characterisation of the forest ecosystems structure and function. The main focus is on the protected areas, so their protection, preservation and recovery can be achieved.

Forestry Operations Effect

Forest ecosystems response to different working techniques, such as the silvicultural system or the silvopastoralism. Selection of forestry species based on the different genetic units (species-provenance) mid-term response to climate change for a potential use within our society.