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It was created in 1943. It covers the herbarium of vascular plants, Herbarium LOU with 65000 specimens, and the fungi collection LOU-Fungi that includes 15000 contributions.

The oldest specimens belong to the herbarium of the P.J. Baltasar Merino with 12000 specimens. The book ”Flora descriptiva e ilustrada de Galicia” (1905-1909) is based on this herbarium. Later, P.J. Manuel Laínz contributed with the incorporation of new material. Recently the P. Fermín Gómez Vigide, Franciscan, donated his herbarium constituted by 14000 specimens to the herbarium LOU. Most of the material that composes the herbarium has its origin in the field collection done by the researchers of the Center of Forest Research of Lourizán, contributions of the Galician Botanical Group and material provided by botanists of our community.

Years behind Dr. Luis Freire García donated his collection of fungi, remaining deposited with the rest of the material.

The herbarium has a storage system with controlled humidity and temperature and the control of plagues is periodically done. In these moments it is being computerized so that it will be available in a database.

The herbarium has a service for the search and loan of specimens for the researchers who requests it as well as the incorporation and shipment of exchange specimens with other similar institutions.