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Laboratory of forest soil science and forest chemistry

It is orientated to the analysis of soils and vegetal material. All the projects developed in the departments require a detailed study of the chemical composition of soils. Besides, the nutritional status of the trees and of other vegetal components of the forest are essential to evaluate the applied treatments.

In a usual way, analysis of soils fertility and vegetal nutrition are carried out. These analyses of vegetal material are complemented when it is necessary with other determinations as those of organic compounds: sugars, polyphenols, tannins and others.

Laboratory equipment:

  • Spectrophotometer UV-VIS.
  • Spectrophotometer of atomic absorption with chamber of graphite
  • Analyzer of particles size by laser diffraction for soil texture determinations.
  • Equipment of inverse osmosis for laboratory quality production of water
  • Microwave oven for digestion
  • Centrifuge, ovens, balances, stirrers, pHmeters, ultrasonic probes, gas extraction chambers, vacuum vap, grinder of vegetal material.

It also has equipment for sampling of soils and determinations in field:

  • Penetrometer Eijkelkamp
  • Equipment for sampling soil profiles
  • Set of sampler augers


Soil samples are handled at a covered outdoor area where they are dried and sieved with the adequate conditions of ventilation.


There is a independent indoor stay for the milling of soils and vegetal material with mills of hammers, of agate and of blades.