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Resource infrastructures for monitoring…

Resource infrastructures for monitoring…
Resource infraestructures for monitoring, adapting and protecting european forests under changing climate – REINFFORCE 2008-1/005
Project type: 
Rede de Infraestructuras para Investigación
Financing organism: 
FEDER-Arco Atlántico e Xunta de Galicia
Participating entities: 
IEFC, INRA-Pierroyton, CNPF-IDF, GAN, HAZI Consultoría, NEIKER Tecnalia, FGUVA, CIF, ISA-Lisboa y Servicio Forestal das Azores.
01-02-2009 a 30-11-2013

Principal researcher: 
Christophe Orazio
Contributing researchers: 

Fco. Javier Silva-Pando, María José Rozados Lorenzo (CIF) y 23 investigadores de las entidades participantes.


The idea of creating a network of arboretums begins with the need of produce recommendations for the selection of species in a climate change scene, while the network of sites of demonstration tries to demonstrate the effectiveness of different techniques of adaptation to face future expected changes.