Since its inception, the CIF maintains and increases a library specialized in the forest area, since we are aware it is crucial for the development of our research. In the library, over 13,000 books, academic works and journals in Spanish, English and other languages are currently available. Among journals, the ones with a higher impact on the forest area can be found, such as Annals of Forest Science, Applied Vegetation Science, Forest Ecology and Management, Forest Science, Forest Systems, Forestry, Journal of Applied Ecology, Journal of Forestry, Scandinavian Journal of Forest Science, Canadian Journal of Forest Research, International Journal of Wildland Fires, Silva Fennica, Silvae Genetica, Tree Physiology, Trees –Structure and Functions, and Western Journal of Applied Forestry. In addition to the active ones, some journals that are no longer published or that are under suspended subscription can be consulted.

Besides the abovementioned journals, some other journals about related topics such as botany, ecology, soil science, forest pathology and forest genetics, among others, can be found. Many conference along with forest-related meetings, proceedings are also kept.

Among the existing books, there are some antique ones from collections of the Servizos Forestais (“Forestry Services”) and private donations.

The Biblioteca de la Sociedad Española de Ciencias Forestais (SECF), that is, the Spanish Society of Forestry Sciences library, is located here as well. More than 50 journals obtained from the exchange between Europe and America are available. The originals of the SECF Awards and some other originals and materials are also preserved at the CIF Library.

The collection of maps, aerial photographs and science journals is one of the most important sections of this library.

The CIF library is catalogued and open to the public during working hours.