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Collaboration between the CIF Lourizán and the Sociedad de Resinas Naturales, S.L.

Lourizán, May 6, 2016
06 May, 2016
Collective Work on Resin Tapping in Galicia gets underway

Lourizán, May 6, 2016.- The Centro de Investigación Forestal de Lourizán – CIF (“Lourizán Forestry Research Centre”) and the pine-chemical manufacturer Sociedad de Resinas Naturales, S.L. will work together to study the resin production possibilities in Galicia. This year’s campaign (2016) will focus on the resin tapping that is taking place in Monte Fontefría. Monte Fontefría is a hill belonging to the Galician common land association “Comunidad de Montes de San Clemente de César.” Fontefría hill is located in Caldas de Reis, a town in the Spanish province of Pontevedra.