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Proactive Management of Forest Fuels Workshop: Experiences, Research Results and New Tools

Lourizán, 25 May 2016
25 May, 2016
Workshop on management of forest fuels to be held at the CIF Lourizán.

Lourizán, 25 May 2016.-  In the upcoming 14th and 15th June 2016, a workshop on Proactive Management of Forest Fuels –as well as experiences, results and new tools, will be held.

During the last years, fuels management to decrease the intensity of the fire, to mitigate the negative impact of fires, to increase the safety of fire-fighters as well as to improve the effectiveness of fire-fighting resources are receiving a preferential treatment within forestry research in several countries.

Furthermore, a sustained effort is being made by public administrations on proactive management of fuels. Thus, they are acquiring significant experience on technical management.

These are the reasons why this workshop is being developed. The programme and schedule can be consulted by clicking  here (Only in Spanish and Galician).