Laboratory of botany and ecology

Laboratory of botany and ecology

Laboratorio de botánica e ecoloxía
Laboratorio de botánica e ecoloxía
Laboratorio de botánica e ecoloxía

This room, provided with extractor hood, accuracy balance and ovens, is used for basic determinations of laboratory. It also has:

  • Kjeldahl digestion unit for determination of nitrogen
  • Fiber digestor.


This area houses the equipment to the identification of specimens that come from research projects and botanical field trips. The specimens, once classified are frozen and finally included into the herbarium LOU.

It houses the following instrumentation:

  • Binocular microscopes for specimens identification
  • Collection of botanical keys that constitute the material of support
  • Tree ring measurement station used in dendrochronology



All the samples of biomass and litter for the determination  of fresh and dried organic matter and the specimens for the Herbarium are manipulated in this room. It has air-drying systems, precision balances and freezers.



Most of the projects related to sylviculture and  adaptation of the forest species to the climatic change require ecophysiological measurements.

The instruments available are:

  • Photosynthesis Portable analyzer LIcor-6400 with LED and injector of CO2 calibrated in this stay with the necessary installation of gases.
  • Fluorescence chlorophyll Analyzer Mini-PAM
  • Leaf Area Index LAI-2000
  • Chlorophyll meter, in situ, SPAD

Other instruments for field data collection are: total station Pentax R200-NE, dendrometers, calipers, pentaprisma, GPS, altimeter, compass, and several dataloggers and sensors for microclimatic parameters: , piranometers, termohygrometers, air temperature, soil water content, anemometers, thermocouples, photosynthetically active radiation (PAR).